Into The Darkness He Has Traveled Combating Demons And Black-Eyed Fiends Reaching Blindly, Lost Souls Unraveled His Life Flashes Before It Careens She Is The One That Can’t Be Battled Advertisements

Contesting The Status Quo

Deconstructioning, It Ain’t Actually A Word. Ponder, Always, Now At The Naivety Shown In This White, Black, And Grey World.

A New Turn

Thunder A’Rumbling, Dark Skies Turnin’ Round And Round. Behold A New Week.

Autumn Leaves

Slowly Falling Rain, Autumn Leaves Bright Like Fire, Winter Is Coming.

September Musing: I

How far do we have to go to find happiness? How far must we travel to know if we have reached the haven of our dreams? How far will we fall in a world broken and lost forgotten echoes? These are questions I ask myself often enough. My job has taken a hit. I work…

Burns – When I’m Around U

First off, stop and go to the video. Watch it. Listen to it. I beg of you, do this for me. Why? Given I have an ASD (and have for a long time, just never had a name for it), there are things that I don’t understand. Some people can paint a story about a video, pick…

The First Step Forward

Vlogging isn’t something I’m all that good at. Actually, rephrase: I suck at it. I still do it, anyway, despite no one but me watches the videos. I’m cool with that, mainly because I’m just goofing off and trying to get the hang of being recorded. Which kind of brings me to today, to the weirdness that…

Starry Mindscape

I Know Your Name I Know Your Face Your Touch And Grace All Of Time Cannot Erase What Our Hearts Remember Stays Forever On A Song We Play! – Star Sky, Two Steps From Hell I can’t say how long I’ve been gone, only that I haven’t put words to keys in a long while….

Bing Bong! Catchy Song!

‘I’m Looking, A Markiplier Song’ by Endigo For all of you who know me, I am a person with various interests. This blog of mine is a place where all my oddities come together to create a ‘WTF IS THIS?’ Today I intend to do one thing some of you may like or others may…

Quiet Love

Silent Watcher Sighs Affection He Will Bestow Lasting Promises.