Unseen Visitor

Woken up in the earliest hours of dawn, Kari, a college student, can’t shake the feeling that someone was in her apartment despite obviously being alone.


The Soul of a Healer

Brosi is blind and mute, a servant to an isolated land and kingdom. For over a decade, he has been tucked away from the rest of the world until, one fateful day, his life is turned around when his ability to heal is cast into light.

When Shadows Move

Every person lives under the confines of a mask, from child to adult. These masks determine how we interact, and view, the world around us. It is a sense of protection against a chaotic world.

Shadows of the Lotus

‘Wandering Worlds’ has finally evolved. Shedding its old skin, it is reborn as ‘Shadows of the Lotus,’ a promise I’m making to myself as I prepare for the New Year.

Blogging Tips for Idiots

Blogging is a craft unto itself and it took me two years to realize a mistake that cost me. Don’t do what I did. Learn the craft. Master it and you’ll master yourself.

Progress From Shadows Into Light

Writing is a craft many people struggle with. For those of us who enjoy writing, myself included, this struggle isn’t as apparent. I have been writing for many years, have managed to build myself a small following of readers through this wonderful site. There are many gifted writers I have stumbled upon, whose work I read when…

Art is Passion

Doing what we love is the key to living a healthy, happy life. I’ve been writing more, these last few days, then I have in months. Since I got the ball rolling, I thought it best to add to the downward momentum and add in my painting. I haven’t done that in a long while,…

When Stars Fall

Writing As A Means Of Self-Expression There’s plenty of people who know me. They know who I am, they know what I do, they know why I have bouts of sudden ‘I can’t do this right now, go away,’ and they know that I can come off as cold or unfeeling when that isn’t my…

Cultural Quirks

When We Fall On Ice, It Leaves Us Laughing, Unhurt. What A Funny Quirk. All people are interesting, in their own way. Everyone is different. Every person is unique – their eye colors, their hair, their skin and the marks on it. It is all different, even if only in small ways that are hard…