Writing is something many of do because we simply cannot ‘not’ write. To do anything other than write, to spill our hearts and minds into words, is something along the lines of the greatest self-punishment. Perhaps some of you understand this need, this desire, to write and create to the point that not doing so is painful.

From my own perspective, writing is like breathing. I can try not to, but soon my lungs will force air into my body so I can live. So it is my hope that, for those who have found their way to my blog, my words will make others respond: some, shudder. Others, cry. I want to inspire smiles, fear and utter happiness.

I want my writing to evoke emotion. So this is what I strive to do, and it is my greatest hope that I can post something every day. I believe I can thank Daily Prompts for their daily post prompts. These prompts, alone, prove that a single word can inspire a spark to flare. It proves, for me, that writing can come from something as simple as a single word.

So a great many thanks to them. So, without further ado, I would like to welcome everyone to my blog. I hope you all find something you like, in this place that I hope to make an online home for myself. Most of it will be Flash Fiction, small pieces of information, but I think other things might end up piling into it once I get into the movements of life online.


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  1. I so completely agree.i had writers block and it was the word prompt that instantly gave me direction and I was on my way thank you wp hehe

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    1. 93bnmill says:

      First and foremost, I want to thank you for the comment. It was a lovely surprise after my absence from writing. I do hope to jump back on the bandwagon, now that I have my computer in front of me once more. On a second note, the Daily Prompts are a life-saver. Honest and true.

      I never quite know what I’ll come up with when it comes to those things. One word is able to spark so much in the creative fields of my mind. Yours too, I am happy to hear. I do hope to see you around, and I hope your days pass with raw, unadulterated creativity.

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    2. Hey !! I also love writing .Though I am new to blogging I love reading and writing.
      You can see my blogs at:
      Your writings are also interesting .

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      1. 93bnmill says:

        Blogs are interesting things. I’m happy you found my own snippets to be interesting. I do hope you stop by again, one of these days. It’s always nice to hear from others. I’ll swing by your blog and take a peek. I do apologize for the late response. I’m lacking a computer of my own, at the moment. It sort of…blew up.

        Best of wishes,

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