War of Words

The World Is Spinning Churning, Round ‘N Round It Goes Chaos, Running Mad I’m King, Lord On High Planet Earth, Victim Of Mine Worship Me, You’re Mine Yours? Not On My Time King On High? I’d Rather Die Burning Already Earth Is My Playground Heavens Above, Ground Below, As You See It, Know How Shallow…

Crimson Leaves

Midnight Sun, Hidden Light Of Autumn’s Crimson Leaves, Never Forgotten

My Life And Metro Business College

Two months ago, I began the first steps towards an education that will (hopefully) lead me to a career which I can depend on. Today, I took my last test for this semester. Before going into the results, I believe it is best, foremost, to state one thing: “I am working towards a degree as…

Fragrance Of Dawn

Dawn Arises, Spring Has Come Caught Within A Lost Fragrance Darkness Runs, Time Forgotten.

Seducing Hades

Her mouth ran dry as she stared at the moon-and-cross, her gaze drawn to the single sphere nestled within the crescent. His grip tightened marginally, nails biting gently into her flesh. A warning, perhaps? She couldn’t quite tell, at this point. Exhaling, she lifted her gaze to his and knew she was trapped.

Astaran’s Gate

Her stomach clenched; pain surged, gathering in her chest and spiraling deep into her loins. Wet heat coiled between her thighs moments before the scent of copper flooded the air. The hounds howled, their voices louder than before. A crimson drop splattered the mist-laden ground.

A Spark Of Ember And Candlelight

Born Of Graves And Left Below, Painted Ashes, Painted Snow. When The Dark Awakens, Fires Of Our Last Hope Are Getting Low. “Fading Light” Aviators Music is something all people can relate to. I stumbled upon this song by chance and it is one I would call hauntingly beautiful. “Fading Light” is a song inspired by a…

Walking With The Old Ones

Yet, once there, I realized what I’ve wanted for so long. I sought a place where I could release my soul, to rejoice in a place where the energies of old ring strong and true.

Paper Forest

Sitting in a classroom, head tucked close to a book, I found myself drawn to my once-cellphone-now-MP3/PortableApp. Several months ago, I shut down my service (Straight Talk) due to the fact my biweekly paychecks couldn’t pay for my bills and a monthly cellphone plan. So I cut out the one I didn’t need, but decided to…


The world we live in is one that is ever-changing, a tempest of vivid color and possibility. It is a world ruled by humans, though this does not mean we are in charge. And, no, I am not speaking about some divine being residing over the world with an omniscience eye. On earth, humanity is…

Love and Obsession II

Faith taught many lessons. They were void, those whispers of knowledge and salvation. The sun had gone dark, the sky a blazing barrier  forever denying him paradise. Would God forsake him, cast him away for the sin that was his tainted, unholy obsession? Eros felt his throat catch, at that thought. To be denied for…