What Kind of Name is Semimembranosus?

Over the past month, I’ve come to a rather amazing conclusion. The person who named the muscles in the body resides in the same Hell as the individual who decided it was okay to put numbers and letters together. There’s something sadistic about naming a small muscle semimembranosus and expect normal, everyday Joes/Janes to be…


A milestone down is one that can turn away a frown.

When Shadows Move

Every person lives under the confines of a mask, from child to adult. These masks determine how we interact, and view, the world around us. It is a sense of protection against a chaotic world.

A Walk Through Nature

There is a power in nature, one that awakens the body and emboldens the soul. It is a force each of us has experienced, time and time again. Every day, we encounter this power. Every day, we see the wonders within nature. We experience its ability to heal and come to know inspiration intimately. Through…

Shadows of the Lotus

‘Wandering Worlds’ has finally evolved. Shedding its old skin, it is reborn as ‘Shadows of the Lotus,’ a promise I’m making to myself as I prepare for the New Year.

Acrylic Pour on a Wooden Canvas

As the year nears an end, I’m turning to my paints, and my writing, to keep my spirits high in a time of the year when things are so cold.

Blogging Tips for Idiots

Blogging is a craft unto itself and it took me two years to realize a mistake that cost me. Don’t do what I did. Learn the craft. Master it and you’ll master yourself.

Learning the Futhark

I have many interests. The Futhark happens to be one of those interests. However, in my studies on learning these old runes, I have had a hard time trying to figure out how to say the many names of the runes. SKALD’s song, Rún, has made the pronunciation on the runes much clearer for me. Many of them…